What is Occupy Midian?

Occupy Midian is the movement to get an extended version of the film "Clive Barker's Nightbreed" released onto Blu-ray and DVD. After 2 differing workprints of "Nightbreed" were discovered, Mark Miller from Seraphim film (Clive Barker's production company) contacted Morgan Creek in the hope he could source the original negatives to restore the film to its original cut. After a few meetings with them, it became apparent they were not convinced of the commercial viability of 'Nightbreed', and the hope was lost – but not for long. Russell Cherrington, friend to Clive Barker, took it upon himself to restore the presumed lost extended cut, and created a composite cut combining these workprints and the theatrical version from DVD, closely following the book 'Cabal' and the second draft of the screenplay. The outcome of this was 'The Cabal Cut' which contained over 45 minutes of extra footage, and restored the original ending. In February 2012, Russell (with permission from Morgan Creek) arranged a screening of the first edit of the composite cut at Mad Monster Party in Charlotte, NC. After this screening word spread like wildfire and the 'Occupy Midian' movement was started. To show how loyal and large the Nightbreed fan base was to Morgan Creek, a petition was launched in March 2012, and got over 5000 signatures in less than 2 months (and even had celebrities promoting the cause via Twitter.) Then in June 2012, Russell arranged two sold out screenings of the Cabal Cut in Los Angeles (with himself, Clive Barker, Mark Miller and Craig Sheffer in attendance.)

After this, and the presentation of the petition, Morgan Creek gave permission for screenings to be held. Russell then took the film worldwide and screened it to sell out audiences wherever he went.

Does this mean the negative are available? We as yet do not know if the Cabal Cut footage will ever be found, or it the release will have to be a restored version from the workprint footage, time will tell.

Now in its 7th edit, with more to come, The Cabal Cut runs 144 minutes.

In November 2013 the final screening will take place in US, then in 2014 the DVD / BluRay will be released by Scream Factory (Exact details and dates TBC) 

When will The Cabal Cut be released on BluRay/DVD? Will the movie be released in my region / language?

In 2014 the DVD and Blu Ray will be released by Scream Factory. Exact release date and details TBC.

Are the ticket sales going to the restoration?

No the money made either goes to a) covering the costs of getting special guests at the screening or b) charity. Money for the restoration hopefully will not need to come from the fans

Is The Cabal Cut good quality?

It varies. Every effort has been made with the footage, but it can only be as good as the source material. The quality ranges from old VHS to DVD quality. The bad quality footage has been digitally altered where possible to make it as good as can be. Though far from Bluray quality, it is perfectly watchable. And as soon as the original negatives can be sourced, The Cabal Cut can be made high-def!

How much is different from the theatrical version of Nightbreed and The Cabal Cut?

At 144 minutes, it is a whole new film. No longer a slasher horror film it is a close adaptation of Clive Barker's Cabal. A fantastical love story against a monsterous setting. Again this is NOT a horror. Gone is the ending of Ashberry raising Decker (which was a major plot hole and against the original intentions), and inserted are more characterization, more monsters and more of the love story.

Is this the same version as the one shown at the HorrorHound festival in Indianapolis in 2010?

No. That version was just a workprint of scenes with no proper editing. That version was not a complete film in any sense of the word. This workprint though was one of the workprints used in the compiling of The Cabal Cut.

Clive Barker/Doug Bradley/Nick Vince/Simon Bamford/Craig Sheffer/Anne Bobby/Hugh Ross (delete as appropriate) is coming to a convention or festival in my town. Will there be a screening of the Cabal Cut of Nightbreed there?

The Cabal Cut will be shown as many places as possible. Occupy Midian wants to get the word out, and Russell Cherrington the restoration director is taking it worldwide to get to show to a large audience as possible.

But there will be no more screenings planned beyond what is already arranged, as the tour will wind up in 2013 to make way for the BluRay / DVD Release in 2014.

When will The Cabal Cut be screening in *INSET YOUR COUNTRY HERE*?

The Cabal Cut will be shown as many places as possible. Occupy Midian wants to get the word out, and Russell Cherrington, the restoration director, is taking it worldwide to get to show to a large audience as possible. Of course all efforts shall be made to show it where Clive will be attending at conventions and festivals etc.

The screenings are though due to end in November 2013. So if there is not an announcement for a screening in your country, you will most likely have to wait for a commercial release on DVD /  BluRay when it is released in 2014 by Scream Factory.

Is the movie VHS-sourced?

The movie is sourced from 2 x VHS workprints and from the DVD Theatrical release. Quality varies from scene to scene, but has been digitally altered to improve it as much as possible. This composite print is the best available footage, and until the original negatives can be sourced, or until the funds can be made to properly clean the VHS footage - it is the best it will get. (unless of course more workprints of better quality are found.)

Has Morgan Creek lost the footage for Nightbreed?

Now this is unknown, and what we hope to find out! But now they know there is a demand, so hopefully will be able to source the footage.

Is the Cabal Cut the same thing as the Director's Cut?

More or less. Russell Cherrington the Restoration director has worked closely with Clive Barker, and initially edited along the 'Nightbreed' 2nd draft screenplay, which was the draft of the original cut. After the first edit was completed Russell worked closely with Clive and Mark Miller of Seraphim (Clive's production company) to fine tune the print into what was as close to Clive's original vision as possible. Now in its 4th edit, from Clive's notes on the previous edits, and suggested alterations, Russell has produced The Cabal Cut. This is though ever evolving and there are further though plans to re-edit more to be better and better with every screening, right up until the eventual DVD/Bluray release in 2014.

Does Decker still get raised from the dead by Ashberry in The Cabal Cut?

Nope, although a fan favourite, this part of the film was the big plot-hole with the theatrical release of Nightbreed, and was not the intended ending. The film was to share the ending of the book 'Cabal'.

Any other future plans regarding Nightbreed?

An authorised 'making of Nightbreed' coffee table book, scheduled for the 25th anniversary in 2014 from Phil & Sarah Stokes over at Clive's official Webpage Revelations, with plenty of unpublished items from Clive's archive and elsewhere. 

Morgan Creek are also currently pitching a Nightbreed TV series to studios. This is not though written or directed by Clive.