The Story So Far

In 2009 Seraphim's Mark Miller contacted Morgan Creek and found out that there may well be more to the myth than anyone had thought. Two European encoded VHS tapes were discovered and sent to Phil and Sarah Stokes, who run Clive Barker's website, Revelations. They viewed the tapes and saw what nobody had seen in almost two decades; additional NIGHTBREED footage. Phil and Sarah transferred the footage to DVD and, with Clive's approval, announced to the world that missing footage for Clive's film had been found. Thanks to their hard work and far reaching publicity, the original workprint was screened at Horror Hound convention in March 2010.

Inspired to see Clive's original vision come to light, filmmaker Russell Cherrington, longtime friend of Clive Barker and Seraphim, took the DVD back to England and, working with editor Jimmi Johnson and Clive Barker's original script, created the new cut of NIGHTBREED, composited from the two VHS sources and the original Warner Brothers DVD. The original cinema release of NIGHTBREED was fused with the workprint to create THE CABAL CUT.

THE CABAL CUT was screened at The Mad Monster Party in Charlotte NC where a Q&A with took place that featured Anne Bobby (Lori), Craig Sheffer (Boone), Mark Miller (Producer for Seraphim), and Russell Cherrington (Restoration Director). During this panel discussion, Anne called out for the fans to make their voices heard. She told them to Occupy Midian and the fans of NIGHTBREED have done exactly that.

And now, due to popular demand, Clive Barker and Seraphim are proud to announce the launch of Occupy Midian.

For a complete history of Nightbreed from pre-production to The Cabal Cut, you can also check out the webpage 'Revalations' Clive Barker's official site run by Phil & Sarah Stokes: 123 & 4