One World Rant

Majorly tired of all the chest-beating, hypocritical rants against anyone deemed slightly browner than themselves. So, here’s my abridged (yes, this is abridged!) pennyworth…

1) Putin really isn’t a leader you should laud just because he gives a battle cry louder than Cameron. A toddler’s fart can do that - so give your moral support and back that gust of wind - as it’ ain’t a maniacal dictator bent on wiping out all civilised human rights across it’s fair land.

2) If you are stomping around, bleating that refugees being let in to Europe caused the terrorism, then maybe you want to send the Scots back across the border - because stealing all our slightly better weather than theirs and causing more pub fights than us tea-sipping conservative English peace-makers can handle. Next time a psychopath enters your house, kills your pets, members of your family, destroys your world and you go beating on a neighbours door asking for help and shelter - don’t be surprised if your attitude has filtered through and they say no and blame you for the world’s atrocities. Humanitarian aid is not a choice - it’s an obligation.

3) ISIS (or “so called ISIS” as the BBC likes to air-quote them) are a cohesion of psychopathic marauders bent on destruction. They are not representatives of any major religion, club for bearded people or brown-skinned unibrows - they are just rampaging murderers who managed to coalesce under a united banner of bullshit. Blame Muslims for Paris, you may as well blame yourself; because it’s likely that, due to your blind ignorance, you have more in common.

4) If, after the attacks across the globe, committed under the banner of IS, ISIS, ISIL (or whatever you fancy calling them), you deem it necessary to pick out anyone based on their colour, creed, religion, sex or sexuality - you may as well ship out to Syria and Iraq because I hear there is a group that are recruiting people whose CV sounds very similar to yours.

5) Je suis Diesel?! Just no.

Yes, feel angry about all the atrocities that terrorism across the world is inflicting. But don’t lose sight of the fact that it’s happening everywhere - at the hands of despicable sub-humans like ISIS (and lets not forget most major governments) - to everyone.

Aligning a minuscule percentage of humanity’s psychopathic behaviour and attributing it to a generally peaceful belief system or on whereabouts it was on the planet that someone’s dad knocked up their mum is a dangerous thing to do. Because you there will be plenty of history to show that your ancestry is equally, if not more so, malevolent.

I am vehemently atheist, but I do my best not to interfere in how another person choses to deal with the hardships in their life and the prospect of their and their family’s exit from this planet; if that’s what they want to believe. I may get a bit narky when someone tries to do the sell on their beliefs - but I do the same when someone tries to sell me any kind of crap. If you like the taste of it, feel free to eat it - but please don’t force feed me. Believe what you will and peace be with you. And in the case of ALL major religions, that’s where it’s at.

At the end of the day - we’re all here trying too share the same small piece of land for a horribly short time. Why not just fucking get on before we’re all gone?

Je suis moi-même et je pleure pour le monde.

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